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Meet the S’s behind S Squared Design

Sara Stanley

Owner, Creative Director

Sara is a graduate of NC State University’s College of Design, and founded S Squared Design in 1999. She has helped hundreds of clients successfully develop their brands and market their products & services. Sara continuously adapts to new technology and trends while maintaining the fundamentals of strategic design theories.


Sara is not only hands-on in the design process, she also assembles and manages a specific team for each project, ensuring the right expertise is in place to meet client needs. Her talented network of writers, programmers, photographers, illustrators and print services take any project seamlessly from concept to completion.

Sara Stanley, S Squared Design

Why S Squared?

Identical twin,

statistician father,

and Sara Stanley

of course.

S Squared Design

our clients

S Squared Design supports a diverse client base nationwide – from small start-up ventures to large global enterprises. We enjoy working with a variety of industries, including: healthcare, education, retail, real estate, environmental, technology, transportation, and event management. A sampling of our clients include:

Just wanted to say (wish I was telling you in person) I LOVE the ads we’ll be doing this year. And I LOVE that it’s the beginning of February and we have it all scoped out for the year. Thank you! I feel very PROUD when I see our ads in print – and that’s awesome.

Monaghan Group


Well I just had to call and say that you certainly rose to the occasion. The logo is great! I just showed it to the team and they were as thrilled as I was. You just outdid yourself. And that tagline! Wonderful! You kill me! Very nice work Sara. We are absolutely excited. Call me back I’ll tell you all the cool things I love about it.

Handshaw, Inc.


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